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Equipment for surveillance PHU Bastion since 1999, is engaged in equipment for surveillance and protection of electronic information. We mainly offer first-class equipment manufacturers from Eastern Europe and our solutions. Among other things, a device for protection against eavesdropping conversations Microphone jammer Infratornado (vip) PLUS, stick keyloggeraudio for protection / control / listening to conversations in the vicinity of laptops and computers, voice recorders with WiFi and many others device to protect information:
Non-linear junction detector Cayman and audio jammer Infratornado ,  Miniature recorders, minicam and eavesdropping, GPS Trackers, Microphones, directional microphones, Miniature audio recorders. Miniature video recorders, Detectors, wiretaps and counter andespionage devices.
Services: Detection of wiretapping, eavesdropping detection in Wireline analyzermobile phones.

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Equipment for surveillance Cayman

Non Linear Junction Detectors

   In 1970s Americans detected wires in the concrete columns of the American Embassy in Moscow. The bugs were installed during the construction of the building, and there was no other way to extract them except for complete destruction of the building. One shouldn’t neglect the importance of correct frequency tuning of NLJD equipment for different types of search environment (for instance, concrete walls). Bugs or wires (as covert listening devices are commonly called) can be set up deep in concrete columns and they still will be transmitting signals.
American ambassadors after World War II officiated in the USSR. He got in 1946 from the children of one of the Soviet school wooden replica of the Great Seal of the United States. I hung it in his office. After six years of accident made an interesting discovery – the seal was hidden bug, which shimmer in the room processed the vibration copper strings. A movement of this string can be read by radio waves from standing in the embassy car. Eavesdropping was passive and acted only when the broadcast signal. At that time – practically undetectable.

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