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Bastion - Dedicated to the peace of mind through art surveillance

Abount the company

PHU Bastion since 1999, is engaged in equipment for surveillance and protection of electronic information. We mainly offer first-class equipment manufacturers from Eastern Europe, and our solutions. Among other things, a device for protection against eavesdropping conversations Bast-Chaos, stick keyloggeraudio for protection / control / listening to conversations in the vicinity of laptops and computers, voice recorders with WiFi and many others.



We also offer:

- -->Keyloggeraudio<--

- Miniature recorders, minicam and eavesdropping : podsluchy007 mala flaga polski

- Lie detector tests : liedetector

- GPS Trackers

- Microphones, directional microphones

- Miniature audio recorders

- Miniature video recorders

- Detectors, wiretaps

- Microwave barriers, protection of land : forteza

- Services: Detection of wiretapping, eavesdropping detection in mobile phones

- Wiretapping Mobile Phones : Spy Phone



The purpose of the meeting in the office, please make an appointment by phone please dial +48 500000897 !!!


For all of our products come with a 12 month warranty.

VAT invoices and receipts fiscal

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