The owner of the shop is owned by PHU Bastion, Ul. Ogrodowa 16, 83-332 Borowo manufacturers names and trade-marks belong to their respective owners and are presented on our website for informational purposes only.
I. How to Order:
1. Orders are accepted by the website, fax or telephone.
2. A necessary condition of the contract is to provide real address, phone and e-mail. In case of suspicion of giving false information, we reserve the right to not send the goods.
3. After placing an order, the customer receives an e-mail confirming that your order has been accepted for processing.
II. Orders:
1. The implementation of the adopted order begins:
in the case of payment on delivery
when placing an order by the Customer
in the case of payment by bank transfer
the moment of impact of the account Store,
for orders paid by credit card
as soon as the transaction is authorized.
2. The order will be executed only if the item is in stock or store suppliers. In case of unavailability of the goods covered by the contract, the customer is informed about the status of your order. It also has the opportunity to decide how to proceed (partial realization, waiting time, cancel the whole order).
3. The customer is allowed to resign from the order in two ways:
individually by sending an e-mail from the site.
Shop by phone informing their wish cancel the order
4. The ordered products are delivered to customers Shop (depending on the customer’s choice) through the Polish Post or by courier DPD Sp. of o.o. the address indicated on the order form.
5. Each order is issued a VAT invoice. VAT invoice is issued when all goods ordered by the customer are completed and ready for shipment.
6. Delivery of goods takes place chosen by the customer and specified in the order.
III. Shipping costs
1. The shipping cost depends on the contract value, the method of payment, delivery and destination.
IV. Delivery
1. Time after which the customer will receive the ordered goods delivery time + = estimated time of delivery. Basic delivery time is 4-6 working days,(If window breaker via e-mail is sent immediately after transferring the account) to change the execution time or the inability to complete the order, the customer is informed by phone or e-mail. Shipments provide Polish Post or courier DPD Sp. of o.o. The terms depend on the type of delivery.
V. Payments
1. All prices are given in EU and include VAT.
2. The customer can choose the following forms of payment for goods ordered:

that payment is collected at the time of invoicing, in exceptional circumstances, the implementation of special orders for long lead
payment by paypal
bank transfer store. (at the moment this is not possible!)
3. We reserve the right to change prices of products on offer, introducing new products to offer, withdrawal from the offer and cancel promotional or make changes.
4. Shipments outside of the country can be paid only by bank transfer to the store.
VI. Complaints
1. If you received the goods, the customer will find technical defects may obtain service under warranty.
2. In case of mechanical damage caused during delivery, or referral complaint directly to the vendor, the customer must return the defective product by mail at the following address: PHU Bastion Ul. Ogrodowa 16 239 83-332 Gdańsk
3. We do not accept any COD delivery.
4. After accepting the complaint Shop will send a full-fledged product, or any other of the offer.
5. The costs associated with returning the goods are returned immediately after accepting the complaint.
6. Please also be advised that in connection with Article 7 of the Law of 2 March 2000 (Journal of Laws of 2000, No. 22, item. 271, as amended.), The consumer has the option to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within ten days from the date of receipt of the ordered goods.
VII. General Provisions
1. The customer is obliged to read the content of these regulations and each is bound by its provisions at the time of order.
2. The sales agreement is between you and PHU Bastion.
3. The contract of sale of goods is concluded in accordance with Polish law.