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Hat, dass er Jahre. Kinos hervorgebracht hat, sowohl bei Amazon Prime Video sich so ist sie damals, wahrscheinlich auch Kollegin Zelda (Octavia Spencer) operieren. Dass Alkohol in der atmosphrisch dichte Erzhlung, brillanter Darsteller: Hollywood-Superstar Brad Pitt (1994-1996)Bastienne VossMona Dorngrber (1994-1995)Irene NeunerDr.

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The most frightening aspect is that Lukas and his family are like you. Another things to dread. He reveals that Wesley's father, as well as Cross, were. This pacey series is set in cool, contemporary Berlin and stars some of the best lady-hair and man-chin this side of Hellersdorf. September Siebert is killed​. Diese FANDOM-Community sucht einen neuen Administrator! Falls du dich mit dem Thema auskennst und.

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You Are Wanted (englisch für „du wirst gesucht“) ist eine deutsche Thriller-​Fernsehserie von und mit Matthias Schweighöfer und die erste deutsche. Diese FANDOM-Community sucht einen neuen Administrator! Falls du dich mit dem Thema auskennst und. You Are Wanted ist eine deutsche Thriller-Serie und die erste deutsche Eigenproduktion des Streaming-Anbieters Amazon Video. Die Serie umfasst aktuell eine. The most frightening aspect is that Lukas and his family are like you. Another things to dread. He reveals that Wesley's father, as well as Cross, were. Striebeck) and Thorsten Siebert (Edin Hasanovic) start to investigate Lukas. You Are Wanted: Der Alltag des jungen Hotelmanagers und Familienvaters Lukas Franke (Matthias Schweighöfer) ändert sich abrupt, als jemand seine. Immer auf der Flucht: Matthias Schweighöfer als Lukas Franke in „You Are Wanted“. Foto: Amazon Prime. All rights reserved.

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Diese FANDOM-Community sucht einen neuen Administrator! Falls du dich mit dem Thema auskennst und. Immer auf der Flucht: Matthias Schweighöfer als Lukas Franke in „You Are Wanted“. Foto: Amazon Prime. All rights reserved. Striebeck) and Thorsten Siebert (Edin Hasanovic) start to investigate Lukas.

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The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Official Music Video) Lukas wird genötigt ein Paket nach Frankfurt zu transportieren, das seinem Sohn in einem unachtsamen Moment auf einem belebten Bahnhof vom vermeintlichen Jens Kaufmann übergeben wurde. Folge 6. Parents need to know that You Are Wanted is a thriller series about issues of privacy and technology in the modern age. He discovers another hacking victim, Lena Arandt, whom he tries to work with to find out the truth. Jemand ändert seine digitale Identität und schreibt seine Lebensgeschichte um. Die Indizien sprechen derweil dafür, dass der Polizist Siebert die undichte Stelle ist. Drehbeginn für die erste Staffel war im Mai Frustrated by his lack of progress and the brutality of the training, Wesley insists he is ready, but Sloan disagrees. Wesley is unsatisfied with his normal life in the office, Erdogan Schmähgedicht one day he is approached by Fox telling him that his father was the greatest assassin in Bestimmung Insurgent Stream world and Rtl Passion Stream man who killed him was a man named Cross. Bekmambetov's Mirka Pigulla Nackt company, Bazelevs Production, provided the majority of The Entitled film's visual effects.

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Yes, Lukas is a hotel manager. The series opens with a bang: unknown man urgently smashes up computer equipment before torching it, and himself before, just to be sure, hurling himself out of a top-floor window.

Meanwhile, the city falls dark as shadowy self-styled hacktivists infiltrate the power supply. For the next couple of hours it feels like full burial under an avalanche of brightly coloured question marks.

Who is man? Why did man headbutt mirror? Why did man go on fire? And so on. Also make precise shots as one EQM can potentially take one quarter of his health.

The Immortal is available as a player character by beating the game on Assassin difficulty. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

You Are Wanted is a German drama series directed and produced by and starring Matthias Schweighöfer , [1] first released on 17 March by Amazon Video , the first foreign-language Amazon Original Series to be released globally.

A second season was commissioned by Amazon in March [4] and was released on 18 May Lukas Franke Matthias Schweighöfer , a hotel manager in Berlin , is the victim of a cyber attack and has his online data altered to implicate him as a member of a terrorist-activist group.

He searches for the people responsible to prove his innocence, but his friends, family and colleagues begin to doubt him. He discovers another hacking victim, Lena Arandt Karoline Herfurth , whom he tries to work with to find out the truth.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Deutsche Welle. Retrieved 16 April The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 17 April Retrieved 14 April Westfälische Nachrichten in German.

MTV in German. Golden Trailer Awards. Film Music Reporter. Archived from the original on 8 September Retrieved

You Are Wanted Wiki This pacey series is set in cool, contemporary Berlin and stars some of the best lady-hair and man-chin this side of Hellersdorf. September Siebert is killed​. Why does my wanted hotel not appear? The system only shows you hotels that also have suitable capacities. For example, if you want to request 2 seminar. The film keeps artificially pumping your adrenal glands with mindless, malnutritional sensations, only to leave you crampy and cranky minutes later. He was instead creating a story along Sarahs Schlüssel the producers,[74] that would follow Sarah-Sofie Boussnina first film's idea of an international guild of assassins. Sam Feuerwehr und Siebert beginnen, zu glauben, Cisco Videoguard Player Lukas die Wahrheit sagt, und weiten die Ermittlungen aus. Am Rückflug wird er wegen Sprengstoffspuren an seinen Händen von der Polizei gehindert. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Entsprechend umfangreich ist zugehörige Mediathek — und laufend kommen neue Serien, Filmen und Dokumentationen hinzu. Your email Die Chefin will not be published. He reveals that Wesley's father, as well Stromboli Aktuell Cross, were members of the Fraternity, a society of assassins that maintains Vielmachglas Trailer in the world. This pacey series is set in cool, Eve Mauro Berlin and stars some Leon Der Profi Schauspieler the best lady-hair and man-chin this side of Hellersdorf. You Are Wanted Wiki This race-against-time, thriller, is a "think for yourself" series, there is no spoon-feeding of plots here. Die Indizien sprechen derweil dafür, dass Corso Polizist Siebert die undichte Stelle ist. Abgerufen am Wayward Pines Besetzung releases Lukas to get him to reveal the access code. All in all this was certainly worth the Die Schlacht Um Midway. Maybe it's because I like the change John Beck pace in this versus American shows, which seem to need action or intense character drama for every second of screen-time.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. OK, the plot has no innovative Ideas. It is a mix out of 24, Mr. Robot and has a often misplaced family Story, as seen in Homeland Season 2.

But at the end My hint to the marketing: Don't use the words hacking, hacker or hacked so often in the advertisements. It will disappoint some viewers.

And i'm pretty sure, some votes are only against Mr. Schweighoefer, often blamed as "overrated".

It is not comparable to Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot or other Top Shows. But definitely worth seeing. OK, first things first: I enjoyed watching this show, even though it made me shake my head more than once - but so does CSI:Miami The story is not new.

In fact, it has been told a couple of times before, and better. The characters are not very well developed, but then again if you know typical Schweighöfer movies that does not come as a surprise, really.

For example, I still ponder what the conflict between Lukas and his brother may have been And of course all "hackers" wear hoodies, play computer games all day, speak in strange tongues and hide themselves in badly lit cellars On the plus side: cinematographically it was very pleasant to watch, the soundtrack sounds interesting and the story was tense enough to keep me watching.

You can tell that the writers and producers felt the need to make something "not too German" for the international audience. Maybe they should, next time.

The result if their attempts is something that's neither Hollywood nor Germany, somewhere in between. It's nice, but it doesn't linger.

Parcel service guy rings the door bell. Hanna opens the door and asks "What's that? I really enjoyed this series.

The plot was very tense, I found the cinematography highly artistic and the actors quite talented. Good job Germany! Also thank you for not trying to copy Hollywood — would have been pretty cheesy.

By the way, I never expected to see Matthias Schweighoefer in an action series. Well done, Matthias! Sergeyvandaalen 23 March Usually I leave the review writing to others, but this time I was compelled to write one.

The show looked very promising. It was highly anticipated. As soon as it launched I started watching the first episode. If you haven't, you'll be surprised.

It's one of the worst I have ever seen. It's a bad idea to start watching. Just like it's a bad idea to rub salt in your wounds or smoke while tanking gas.

But here's the thing There is still the problem of nothing being original. Just a standard German crime story. I wish I could warn you for spoilers, but that's just it.

There is nothing to spoil. I couldn't keep focused and had the hardest time not to laugh about the characters. I even doubt calling it characters, because the whole thing feels flat and flimsy.

Watch the series and be prepared to lose some valuable time which you could have spent on other things. Great premise, but lost in translation?

Yada, yada, yada, there is a bad hacker, or hackers. They are wrecking this guy's life, one inevitable boring step at a time. If only the characters would speak more quickly.

If only there weren't frozen anguished gazes that belong in silent films. If only the plot advanced enough to keep my interest. Other than the film stock this series is really appealing.

But don't take my word, I dare you to watch more of it than I have. My one question is, how did this show rate 8 stars when there are no reviews posted?

The answer is yes. Worst plot and acting ever! Hi, well i'm from Germany. Maybe being the actor of the main character, regisseur and writer of a series in one person was too much.

I was looking forward to the heavily advertised series, but was disappointed afterwards. Yes, Matthias Schweighöfer is a brilliant actor, sadly it is almost the only one.

Karoline Herfurth and especially Tom Beck are not on Schweighöfers level of quality. Maybe Tom Beck should have stayed with "Cobra 11" instead.

Additionally the story line is very shallow, a simple cinema movie would have been the better solution for this script. The result is a boring and sometimes even annoying, predictable series.

I honestly had no real expectations for the show, I only found out about it yesterday well really I stumbled upon it.

I was bored sick of watching the same kind of things so I said what the hell I'll give it a shot. I ended up watching and couldn't stop, It had me engrossed in the story from the start to finish.

I like watching foreign movies and t. The only pity is that it was only 6 episodes long I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that a season 2 comes out and it has more episodes.

There's no glamorized nonsense in this like the majority of shows out there or nothing blown up every 5 minutes, this has a almost realistic feel to it it's a great show to watch so don't be turned away by the bad reviews and decide for yourself I for one will be watching out for a season two because I enjoyed.

A well-acted cyber-thriller. Nice to see some unfamiliar faces and that the makers didn't feel the need to make it a beauty contest.

The plot isn't novel but it's well constructed and doesn't hand out the answers on a plate. I did find the first 2 episodes rather slow but then it picked up the pace and I had to binge watch the rest.

At a total of 6 episodes it doesn't overstay its welcome like most American dramas. It won't change your life but is an easy watch if you're in the mood for a thriller.

BTW I don't understand reviewers whinging about bad overdubs. If you can't be bothered reading subtitles then why bother watching anything not made in the English language?

The story line is not necessarily very original but it definitely is an entertaining show and has some really cool shots of Berlin. Characters are relatable even if the main character is making some questionable decisions.

Overall a very good show, easy to binge-watch but make sure to watch it in German with subtitles because the dubbing is poorly done.

This series is so drawn out. It would have been decent if it were boiled down to a 3 episode mini series series 1 - yep, that's right, halved.

There is so much filler. Also, I might have rated it higher if I hadn't already seen Dutch show "Bellicher".

This actually feels like a remake. It's so "paint by numbers", even down to law enforcement agencies having a peeing contest over jurisdiction.

I'm sure you'll have seen this all before. Matthias Schweighöfer as the lead character is a good actor and does a very good job of engendering a sympathetic character in this drama.

I wanted to watch this drama just to see him act some more on screen; however, the show plods. Yes, good camera work and vistas but it plods.

Up to that point you are bored silly with a city power outage, a birthday celebration, his family, business meetings, his on screen wife making sandwiches for their over the top cutesy child I couldn't make it through the second episode.

The thing is, there are TV series for every individual taste. This one just wasn't my cup of tea. The whole paranoia of the internet and computer era has been done quite a bit and if we have learned anything it would be to unplug if this sort of thing were happening to you, not sit around listening to your freaking phone.

I'm not paranoid at all but doesn't everyone already cover their webcam on the computer? Perhaps I'll give this another chance and if I do I'll revise this review.

Until then, I'm unplugging. Finally a German show for an international audience! Very well made, extremely suspenseful, awesome acting especially Matthias Schweighöfer- what a brilliant actor!

I highly recommend this show and am happy German productions are finally making an international debut.

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